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Ressources humaines et développement des compétences Canada

Recently, I started on a project that required I know PL/SQL, but I hadn't used it for 15 years. Your two-part intro to PL/SQL, was the perfect refresher course, and now I am working away in PL/SQL. Please keep doing your good work. Yours is by far the best and friendliest computer training company I have used.

Agence de Transport du Canada

Corporate Logo SETC Training provided a comfortable learning environment with knowledgeable and friendly trainers. The scheduling was extremely flexible and allowed for our IT staff to be trained in small groups for the same price as dedicated courses from other providers. With other providers, all of our staff would have had to attend training at once, which would have been too disruptive to our daily operations. The quality of SETC’s training was excellent with customized material that made the class enjoyable and interesting

Agence des service frontaliers du Canada

I would like to thank you for putting in that extra effort to ensure that the course was a resounding success. Your concern for the participants getting the most out of the course was self evident and very much appreciated.

Département de la défense nationale

Instructor is great and very friendly. He is also very knowledgeable and delivers the information accurately

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